When Logan sneaks into the laboratory of a very peculiar professor, he is accidentally transported to the magical world of Canlandia, where lollipop gargoyles, toffee giants, and deadly marzipan dragons lurk in peppermint forests and rock candy canyons. To Logan's astonishment, the Canlandians and their queen welcome him as a wizard foretold in an ancient prophecy - a wizard who will save Canlandia from the evil Baron von Jawbreaker and his army of mad gobstoppers. In no time, Logan finds himself starting on a secret mission with Butterbrickle, a girl of his own age, who happens to be Canlandia's bravest warrior. With the queen's army decimated, Logan and Butterbrickle must cross the continent alone in a desperate quest to steal the baron's secret weapon: the magical Sapphire Sugar Crystal. There's only one problem - the journey is too dangerous for anyone to survive. 


Winner - Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2014  Best Juvenile Fiction.

Winner for best Juvenile Fiction book in the New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards 2014


"Canlandia" is an exciting pre-teen fantasy work that is masterfully written and beautifully illustrated.

    - Midwest Book Review


The world of Canlandia, with its edible environment and candy-colored landscape, is well worth exploring.

    - Kirkus Book Review


I see this book as something with which a young reader would empathize and find immersive.. Even the youngest child could be drawn into this story with the help of an adult reader, find additional narrative in the paintings, and probably, eventually, be motivated to unlock the story in the text themselves. This book could be a reading gateway.   

Hank Luttrell

    - The Science Fiction Site

Lavender Blue and
the Faeries of Galtee Wood


When Lavender Blue learns that the Banshee, the faerie messenger of death, will soon visit her best friend Rose, she makes a desperate wish on a star. Her prayer for a chance to save Rose is granted by the faeries of Galtee Wood, and Lavender finds herself entangled in an ancient and magical quest that will lead her through the perilous faerie realm. As Lavender races to reach her best friend before the Banshee, she finds herself facing more and more dangers than she could have imagined, dangers that will test her wits, her courage, and her love to the limit. Can Lavender find the strength to overcome the magical dangers and dark faeries in time to save Rose? Or as the blackness of night veils the woods, will the piercing cry of the Banshee warn that she is too late?

Winner - Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2013  Best Juvenile Fiction


It's hard to imagine a fairytale being so gripping you can't put it down. An illustrated chapter book for juveniles, it follows the arc of the "hero's quest" one would expect in a novel for older readers.  I cannot tell you how this mission ends, but it's full of surprises, deeply moving, and well worth the read. MacDougall's illustrations are stunning. Richardson's writing is lyrical, reminiscent of Irish storytelling, evoking George MacDonald's thematic The Princess and the Goblin. 

    -San Francisco Book Review

A lovely story with charming illustrations...Inspired by the real-life Galtee Woods and Lismore Castle, the story is beautifully crafted, with a believable mixture of fay folk, both good and evil. Although the chapter book is exquisitely illustrated. The paranormal elements are engaging, as are the book s reassuring, simple morals of loyalty and doing anything for your friends. 

    -Kirkus Book Review

Billy's Mountain


Growing up on a small farm in the state of Kansas, a young boy dreams of building a snow-capped mountain next to his farm, the kind of magical mountain most kids would love to have outside their back door. A mountain with 15,000 foot snow-covered peaks shrouded in clouds, rushing streams filled with trout and dense forests with trees over 100-feet tall. It's a place where remote canyons are the home to elk, black bear and even beavers, where bald eagles soar next to thousand-foot waterfalls and over beautiful high country lakes. Billy has a dream, but building a mountain is an almost impossible task. Billy will need help. How can he let everyone know about his dream? Can they see what he sees? Can they help him achieve the impossible? Beyond the simple story line, Billy's Mountain is a metaphor about impossible dreams, the vision to see what others cannot see, and the leadership needed to achieve what is thought to be impossible.

Alexander Trout's Amazing Adventure

Born in a fish hatchery, Alexander Trout begins life in the pristine streams and lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park as an orphan minnow living a carefree life with his best friend, Gingrich Salamander. But as the years pass, Alexander begins to feel out of place in the park with a growing sense of discontentment. A reoccurring dream of a majestic horn-shaped mountain, so enormous it would dwarf the mountains in the park, seems to be beckoning him to a far-off land where he senses his ancestors could be.  Then, one day, a mysterious spirit girl magically interrupts Alexander's mundane world, visits his pond, and then quickly vanishes, leaving Alexander feeling restless. Seeking answers, Alexander swims with Gingrich to a wild part of the park where they have an unfriendly confrontation with two native cutthroat trout.  The angry trout affirm what he suspected all along: that Alexander's species is new to the park, brought there by humans from a distant land across a great ocean.  A wise mentor named Winston Beaver further establishes that Alexander's destiny lies east in a far-off land. 

With his suspicions confirmed, the lure of the great horn-shaped mountain begins burning brighter than ever, but Alexander must face a seemingly insurmountable fear of a dark underwater river to the east side of the park to start his journey. Although he fears the dangers of leaving, mysterious forces turn his world upside down as he finds himself placed on the wrong side of the Continental Divide with no easy way back to his best friend Gingrich and his home. 


So, with very little to go by, Alexander tentatively sets out on an extremely dangerous quest to find the horn-shaped mountain- that he believes is his true homeland- that will take him halfway around the world where he will make many new friends, join a traveling circus bound for Europe, and will take incredible risks on his amazing and legendary adventure to find his roots.